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Welcome MemBeers

Welcome to the Trion's MemBeer area!

We've created a web site that allows you to not only keep track of the beers you've tried - but also to rate them and keep notes on what you like, or don't like about them.

The way it works is simple. Start by creating a MemBeer account for yourself below. After that, each time you come back you'll just need to log-in with the user name and password you created for yourself. Once you're logged in, all you have to do is click on a beer name in the Tap List to be able to rate the beer and leave notes. You can choose if you want your notes to be private - only seen by you, or public - available for anyone to read.

That's it! We'll keep track of your beers for you and you can always go back and see what you've tried and how you liked it. We'll even notify you when a new beer goes on tap that is similar to other beers that you rated highly.



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